Finding the right photographer is so important to ensure every piece of content across your business, from website to email marking, social media posts to digital campaigns, accurately conveys your message through storytelling and properly embodies your brand visually.

Make sure you don't rush onto booking a photographer and do your research. Here are some top tips on how to find the right photographer for your brand...

  • Photography Style

Your brand imagery is an opportunity to visually communicate with potential customers. Whether you’re modern or traditional, clean or edgy, it's important to find a photographer that aligns with your visual brand identity.

  • Delivery

When will you expect to receive your edited images? This is an important question to ask, especially if you have a quick turnaround for an up-and-coming campaign.

  • Examples of work

Does your chosen photographer have a website or Instagram account? Have you seen examples of their work and do their images align with the desired look?

  • Bring Ideas

Having the right photos makes such a huge impact, as it sets the tone and character of your whole business offering. Not only is the photography day important, but so is the preparation. I would recommend working with a photographer who can bring ideas, create a visual strategy, and curate a moodboard before your shoot.

  • Budget

Book the best photographer you can for your budget. Obviously I'm going to say that, right? However, think about the time you spend preparing, and you want images to last you years. If you can, it's worth splurging on photography as you don't want to find yourself having to re-do the shoot again.

So, do your research, ask questions and have a look at your photographer shortlist websites. I would recommend having a quick chat to see how you get on with your favourite photographers, and most definitely go with your 'gut' before booking.

Remember images can change behaviour, stimulate understanding and create a sense of urgency that will move people to action. Photography is the universal language that speaks to the heart and soul.