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Videos are one of the most effective ways to promote businesses and a great way to support your marketing and brand photography.

Struggling with where to start? Now that's where I can help!

B-rolls are 5 second video clips that can be used separately or merged for reels, TikTok, advertisements, your website and more! B-rolls are curated to your brand and don't have sound, which allows us to create stunning lifestyle videos filmed in HD portrait orientation 9:16 to elevate your brands visual identity.

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"I can 1000% recommend working with Rhiannon.

Her B-roll package Is the missing link in storytelling. taking people behind-the-scenes of your work and offerings with all the grace of her professional photography in a delicious bite size format."

-Ellie Loves

Why create videos?

Storytelling: B-roll is instrumental for storytelling. It allows brands to convey information or messages without relying solely on talking heads or a single continuous shot. By incorporating relevant B-roll, businesses can enhance the narrative and make their content more visually appealing.

Professionalism: You can use B-rolls on their own, as part of a montage, you can slow them down or speed them up - there are so many possibilities for repurposing. A high-quality, well-edited B-roll adds a professional touch, making content more polished. This can positively influence how your audience perceives your business or its products.

Context and Detail: B-roll provides context and additional details that may be challenging to convey through a photo alone. It allows businesses to show specific products, environments, processes, or people, giving your audience a more comprehensive understanding of your brand.

Versatility: B-roll is versatile and can be used in various ways. For example, you can upload your footage to TickTock, the Instagram Reels Editor, it can be overlaid with text boxes or voiceovers, or even set to music. This versatility allows businesses to tailor videos to different audiences, purposes, or platforms.

Emotional Impact: B-rolls can evoke emotions and create a more profound impact on your audience. Whether it's showcasing happy customers, behind-the-scenes glimpses, or compelling visuals, the additional footage can evoke emotional responses that contribute to the overall effectiveness of the video.

Increased Retention: Studies have shown that videos with dynamic visuals, including B-roll, can enhance viewer retention. Viewers are more likely to stay engaged and remember the content when it includes visually stimulating elements.

Differentiation: B-roll allows you to stand out and differentiate your content in a crowded digital landscape.


1:2:1 B-roll Shoot

1 Hour Video Shoot
1 Locations
Visual Strategy Call & Pre-shoot Prep
Shot In HD Portrait Orientation (9:16)

Video Editing £100 p/hour
Brand Photoshoot £250 p/hour



✔️ Enquire & Book

Once you've had a look through the website, head to my contact page so we can arrange a discovery call. Following our conversation, if you'd like to go ahead and book, I'll send over my T&C and a 25% deposit will secure the date and booking.


I will support you every step of the way with a visual strategy call and unlimited advice to ensure we create an epic shoot.

✔️ Direction

I'll take care of everything from location scouting to outfit recommendations. I can also create a custom mood board and shot list should you need help with creative direction.

✔️ Lifestyle VIDEO

It's my job to make you feel and look great. So let me help you feel relaxed, confident and happy with the process. We can then be in the moment and enjoy every second of filming. At the end of the shoot I will send all your videos via AirDrop or Dropbox. However, if you wish for me to edit the videos, this will cost an additional £100, and will be sent via Dropbox within a week from shoot day.

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