Content Management

For social media Strategies, content creation & Management

Elevate Your Entire SOCIAL MEDIA Brand Presence

Content management is a boutique social media service I created for businesses, entrepreneurs, wellbeing and lifestyle brands who'd like to elevate their content creation and social media management. Curating captivating and aesthetically pleasing content is my expertise. I specialise in creating, capturing, designing, and scheduling social media posts tailored to reflect your tone of voice across Instagram and Facebook.

Investing in your social media brand presence will differentiate you in a competitive market - Just imagine the possibilities!


✔️ You'd love to turn likes into a profitable business.

✔️ You understand how essential being visible on social media is.

✔️ You need content for marketing your business.

✔️ You don't have enough time to plan your social media posts.

✔️ You want to build a brand but don’t know where to start.

HOW DOES content management WORK?

You'll get ongoing support from me with social media strategies, photography, b-roll videos, social media content creation and management!

For only £444 per month, you will receive;

  • A monthly social media strategy and analysis of insight statistics.
  • 4 two-hour shoots that are evenly split throughout the year.
  • A monthly content calendar.
  • 3 posts per week (all images captured during shoot day).
  • 4 Reels per month (all videos created during shoot day).
  • Content Management.
  • 20 minutes of weekly community engagement.

As I offer a boutique service, we can create a social media package to suit your needs. Add-ons include social media posts, reels, stories, extra time for community engagement, and sharing the same content across another platform, e.g. LinkedIn.

Your story is the most important aspect of your brand. Together we will capture storytelling to highlight every aspect of your business.

By enhancing your visibility on social media we'll help you establish brand identity, and most importantly build trust and credibility with your audience.

Take a look at my work


✔️ Visual Strategies.
✔️ Photography for Press & Marketing.
✔️ B-roll Videos.
✔️ Content Creation.

£450 p/month

Skin Id

✔️ Visual & Marketing Strategies.
✔️ Photography for Website & Marketing.
✔️ Content Management.

£450 p/month

KC Pilates

✔️ Marketing Strategies.
✔️ Photography for Website & Marketing.
✔️ B-roll Videos.
✔️ Content Management.

£450 p/month

"Rhiannon came to work with us to help elevate our product photography & social media channels. Her creativity & passion for what she does shone through. She is an absolute joy to work with."

-Richard Edmonds @ Runderwear


✔️ Visual Strategies.
✔️ Photography for Website & Marketing.
✔️ Content Management.
✔️ Blogger Events.

£450 p/month

The Boat Club

✔️ Marketing Strategies.
✔️ Photography for Website & Marketing.
✔️ B-roll Videos.
✔️ Content Management

£450 p/month


✔️ Campaign Strategies.
✔️ Content Management.
✔️ Lead Influencer Marketing.
✔️ Email Marketing.

£850 p/month

"Rhi has supported me in business since 2017. without her professionalism and attention to detail we wouldn’t have been so successful. Thank you for your continued guidance IN SOCIAL MEDIA and PHOTOGRAPHY."

-Reg @ Guildhall Tavern


What are b-roll videos

B-rolls are 5 second video clips that can be used separately or merged for reels, TikTok, advertisements, your website and more! B-rolls are curated to your brand and don't have sound, which allows us to create stunning lifestyle videos filmed in HD portrait orientation 9:16 to elevate your brands visual identity.

When will I receive my content plan?

After the shoot, I'll get to work on editing your images and b-roll videos to create a beautiful bespoke collection. I will then plan your months content for social media.

You will receive a link and PIN to your image gallery which will be added to as the year goes on. These will be non-watermarked and suitable for website, social media, marketing materials and more! The process usually takes about 2 weeks (sometimes less depending on my schedule), but if you can't wait that long we can discuss the option of a quick turnaround.

How many images and b-roll videos will I receive?

You will receive around 45 fully edited images and 12 b-roll videos after each shoot. I always choose quality rather than quantity and that's why I will choose the best and more significant photos and videos to tell your story.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

Yes, I will request £450 to secure your subscription with a signed contract following our first strategy session and content shoot. I will then invoice you monthly for my services.

How far in advance can I book my sessions?

You will be able to book all of your strategy sessions and all 4 of your shoots as soon as you join.

Do you edit and retouch the images?

I edit and retouch with care and respect. I also try to avoid obvious, heavily-edited changes to reflect a more natural look.
The process of editing essentially involves making an appropriate artistic judgement on each photo and aiming for a cohesive collection. This may mean adjustments to the exposure and crop or conversion for example. After this process, you'll receive perfectly-finished digital images that reflect your brand.
We can discuss any additional photoshop retouching if you wish to add this as an additional service.

Can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time. The contract has 3 month minimum terms and I request two weeks written notice. I’d hope that before this point you’d get in touch so we can find a solution.


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