Having a dream makeup artist for your shoot is a game-changer for so many reasons; A professional MUA knows how to bring out the best features, considering things like face shape and skin tones, making sure the look is natural and fits your style. Plus, they're also champions at creating camera-ready looks that pop, even if they're a bit different from your everyday makeup routine. These artists get the whole theme and concept of your photoshoot to make everything look awesome and cohesive. They even think about color balance, so the camera sees things just as beautifully as we do. Plus, a professional MUA can boost your confidence by tailoring a look that matches your personality and brand. To ensure satisfaction, I strongly recommend a trial run with your chosen makeup artist and take a few test shots on your phone to validate the desired look. It's crucial to avoid investing time and money in a shoot only to be dissatisfied with the makeup results.

Bottom line? These artists are the secret sauce for killer photos and here are my recommendations...

Natasha Chiverton-Bulstrode

View Natasha's work @gorgeousemesseymidlife

Contact; honestlygorgeous@gmail.com

Alice Bray

View Alice's work @alicebraypromakeup

Contact; alicebrayprofessionalmakeup@yahoo.com

Lizzie Edwards

View Lizzie's work @makeupbylular

Contact; info@makeupbylular.co.uk

Tara Sanger

View Tara's work @tarasangermakeup

Contact; tarasanger.mua@gmail.com