To get the most from a brand photoshoot it's really important to communicate exactly what you need with your chosen photographer. I would suggest taking time to look at your website and/or social media channels to envisage what kind of content you need to create. Would you like to capture banner shots, headshots, lifestyle images, flatlays, and the list goes on... Brand shoots can capture any shots your business requires. Here are some examples to guide you on how to create the ultimate shot list.


A headshot is typically taken in portrait from the chest/waist up with a focus on the subject. The background tends to be either blurry or a block colour to avoid distraction. A headshot is perfect to use as a professional profile image on social media channels and also works great for an 'about' page or 'about us' page for a corporate website.

Lifestyle Shots

Lifestyle images are the most common shots during my photography sessions - this is where you really get to showcase your products, food or services through storytelling. These images need to capture exactly what it is you do by recreating situations to communicate your authentic brand identity. Lifestyle shots are a great way to inject more personality into your shoot. This is where props and locations come into play to help create a “set” that is both aspirational and inspiring.

For a personal brand photoshoot, these photos should include yourself working, creating and engaging with clients or customers. I would suggest using a workspace, desk, studio, shop, office or even the outdoors for location. You can get more inspiration via my recent post; how to prepare for a photoshoot.

Detail Shots

Detail images are important to add into your photography content strategy. I like to call them "stock" photos as they are brilliant to use as filler images. They work well on service pages and are also ideal for social media posts where you can create some great conversations. Along with seeing your hands (or feet) at work, detail shots are a great way to show your process, how you do things within your business, and even what you get up to in your spare time. These images can also include flatlays, and branding photos such as business cards, website or even merchandise.

Shots of your pets!

Yes, it's great to include team shots (*jokes)! Adding images of your pets, either with or without you, is a winner especially when it comes to social post engagement due to invoking emotion and connection from your audience.


Here's a guide on how a shot list might look.

OUTFIT ONE – Jeans, jacket and shirt.

  • Headshot
  • Banner image with white space for homepage 
  • Image looking away for podcast
  • Sitting enjoying a coffee with my favourite mug 
  • Working on laptop
  • Talking on my phone

However, if you don't want to plan this much detail, and you'd rather be in the flow, that's totally fine too! Everybody is different and a good photographer will work in the way that best suits you. 

If you have any questions about anything, feel free to get in touch!