If you're thinking about either having a family, couple or brand photoshoot, your location is key to capturing images you'll treasure forever.  Unless you decide to have a photoshoot in a studio, you’re going to need to spend sometime finding photography locations.

The first thing you need to consider is where you want your photography location to be, I would suggest creating a moodboard to get the ball rolling. Or even by taking a look at my location inspiration below.

Love it or hate it, I have to say Instagram is one of the best places to find incredible locations especially by using the search bar to pinpoint specific places. Hashtags can also be useful, if you can find the right ones. You could search for #Dorset, but you’ll have more success if you use location-specific hashtags like #Bournemouth.

Location inspiration

  • The Beach
  • The City
  • A Woodland Walk
  • Favourite Restaurant
  • Sports Stadium
  • A Picturesque Bridge
  • Rooftop With Views
  • A Picnic
  • At Home
  • Coffee Shop
  • Boat Trip
  • A Dog Walk
  • Your Garden
  • Your Workplace
  • A Friends Home or Workplace
  • A Rented Space or Studio

I would always suggest considering your hometown, so why not choose a place you visit often, however make sure it's a place that represents your interests and personality too.