As you know I'm all about capturing those genuine, natural moments through my photography, however it truly saddens me when I hear a good number of my clients confess their dread of being in front of the camera. These are vibrant, successful women, yet the thought of posing for a shoot sends shivers down their spines. Honestly, it's rare to find someone who jumps at the chance to be in a photoshoot – camera shyness is just so common! However, when you're running a business, dodging the lens can have its drawbacks. Personal branding photography is a game-changer for creating real connections with your audience; after all, your followers want to see the face behind the brand, not just your work. But fear not! Over my years as a brand photographer, I've picked up some nifty tricks to help you feel more at ease in front of the camera. Trust me, with a few simple steps you'll be posing like a pro in no time!

  • Find the right photographer

Finding the right photographer is so important to ensure every piece of content across your business, from website to email marking, social media posts to digital campaigns, accurately conveys your message through storytelling and properly embodies your brand visually. Make sure you don't rush into booking a photographer and do your research. Here are some top tips on how to find the right photographer for your brand. Make sure you ask questions and have a look at your photographer's website. I would recommend having a quick chat to see how you get on with your favourite photographers, and most definitely go with your 'gut' before booking.

  • Choose the best location

The advantage of booking a brand shoot lies in the flexibility to choose locations that align perfectly with your brand and personality. So when planning your next session, it's well worth giving careful thought to the location as it's a key ingredient to help create stunning and meaningful content. The choice of location influences the visual and emotional impact of your shoot. It sets the stage for your creative vision, enhances your story, and contributes to the overall success of your photoshoot. Finding the perfect location for a shoot is like picking the right ingredients for a delicious recipe – it can make all the difference. If you're stuck for ideas, here are a few of my favourite shoot locations.

  • Use props

Feeling a tad uneasy when it's time to strike a pose for photos? Your photographer should be a pro at guiding you through simple, relaxed poses, saying that, a bit of awkwardness can linger. One of the most effective ways to ease any discomfort is by keeping your hands occupied. Props are fantastic for not only giving you something to focus on but also diverting a bit of attention away from you. Some excellent props that typically work well for branding shoots include coffee cups or mugs, your phone, a laptop, a notebook and a pen. Your photographer will brainstorm plenty of options tailored to your shoot, however here are a few ideas to help you feel more comfortable posing for the camera.

  • Have a positive mindset

The mood you bring to your shoot day greatly influences the entire experience. If you're feeling stressed, tense, or overwhelmed with negative thoughts, it could stir the atmosphere and result in photos you'd rather not use. To ensure a positive vibe, consider indulging in something enjoyable before the shoot. Whether it's treating yourself to a coffee from your local, going for a walk outdoors, or dancing to your favourite playlist, taking steps to uplift your spirits can make a significant difference. And if nerves persist, shift your focus to the purpose of the shoot – envision the result and the excitement of attracting new clients with stunning images. It's important to remember the joy that a brand photoshoot can bring. It's a special time dedicated to showcasing your brilliance, boosting your confidence, and drawing in your ideal clients – what's not to love about that?